Who we are

Kensho Dojo is a Shotokan Karate club located in Tilehurst, in Reading - based in the Thames Valley area of Berkshire. Weekly martial arts instruction include Shotokan Karate class with a belend of Tai Chi and Aikido. The club is affiliated to the English Traditional Karate Federation, and accepts members from Reading, Lower Earley, Woodley, Earley, Calcot, Burghfield Common, Caversham and Tilehurst


Kensho Dojo is a martial arts club based in the Reading, Thames Valley area. The club previously known as ‘The Henley Tigers’ martial arts club was founded in September 1999 in Henley-on-Thames. After training numerous members during the 5 years, including producing few Black Belts, the club decided to move to the Reading area in October 2005. The club membership is open to anyone who either wants to learn the art of self-defence or to keep fit and healthy.

The Name

Kensho japanese
Kenshō (見性), literally means "seeing the nature". This is one of the more significant terms and an experience described in the context of Zen Buddhism. The term is often used to denote an initial awakening experience, or enlightenment, seeing one's True-Nature, that can be enlarged and clarified through further practice in daily life.
At the Kensho dojo you will learn to understand your own body, and learn to coordinate every part of your body through the basics of martial arts. Continued training in the art will help develop harmony of the mind and body, and thus provide you the initial experience of your own complete Self.


Karate Jutsu International
Kensho Dojo is affiliated to the ‘Karate Jutsu International’ (KJI), which is headed by Hanshi Terry Wingrove, 9th Dan
The club has had the good fortune of having Hanshi Wingrove teach at our club. Hence all the students get the opportunity to train with the great master several times during their course of study.