Kensho Dojo

Kensho Dojo is a Shotokan Karate club located in Tilehurst, in Reading - based in the Thames Valley area of Berkshire. Weekly martial arts instruction include Shotokan Karate class with a belend of Tai Chi and Aikido. The club is affiliated to the English Traditional Karate Federation, and accepts members from Reading, Lower Earley, Woodley, Earley, Calcot, Burghfield Common, Caversham and Tilehurst

Terry Wingrove
Hanshi Terry Wingrove

This site is about the Kensho Dojo Karate club , and the views I have about martial arts. Kensho Dojo is a martial arts club in the Reading , Thames Valley area, affiliated to Karate Jutsu International, and teaches Shotokan Karate with a blend of inspiration from Karate Jutsu, Tai Chi and Aikido. Kensho Dojo is a club whose aim is to impart the spirit of martial arts to dedicated students. The contents of this site are based on the views I developed on martial arts as a result of training with various teachers in different styles.
- Rakesh P Chenchery( Instructor, Kensho Dojo )


Interested in learning Karate?

If you have been thinking of learning Karate, it is never too late to start training. The emphasis of our training is on learning the technique, understanding its self-defence application and improving your overall fitness.

We are fortunate to have a world renowned expert in Karate Jutsu, Sensei Terry Wingrove (9th Dan) who teaches at our club once in a while

Even if you a beginner or if you have some experience of any martial arts, you can join us anytime. Why not try a FREE sessions to get a feel of it. For details contact Kensho Dojo .

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Justin is a Black Belt

Justin's Dan grading
Congratulations to Justin Thorp, who was awarded his Black Belt (1st Dan) on Saturday 28th Apr 07 at the ETKF Spring course held at Windsor. The Dan grade was awarded by the chief instructor of ETKF Sensei Masao Kawasoe (8th Dan)

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Cyber Budo summer course review

28th July – 30th July

With Higaonna
Many different styles and so much to learn, that’s how memorable the weekend of the summer course was. Martial Arts students from UK, France, Poland, Spain, Germany and Belgium got together at the wonderful sports complex in Bisham Abbey managed by Sport England to train with some of the best names in martial arts like Sensei Morio Higaonna, Alan Ruddock, Louis Mercier, Sr Enjuto, Alan Tattersall, George Andrews, Tony Christian and Terry Wingrove. Natacha, Paul and Rakesh represented the Kensho Dojo at the course, and managed to train over the weekend.

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Rakesh promoted to his 3rd DAN Black Belt

Rakesh receiving 3rd Dan certificate
Rakesh's grading

Congratulations to Rakesh Chenchery, the instructor of Kensho Dojo, who was successfully promoted to his 3rd Dan on Saturday 29th of April by Sensei Masao Kawasoe, chief instructor of U.K.T.K.F.
After his Black belt in 1992, and the 2nd Dan in 2001, this was a great moment for Rakesh and the Kensho Dojo. The grading exams were conducted during a 3 day international course organised by U.K.T.K.F where world famous instructors like Sensei Kawasoe,

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The club has a new Black Belt

Natacha Grading
Natacha's DAN Grading
Congratulations to Natacha Rasse for successfully grading to her Black Belt (1st DAN). She is the 2nd Black Belt from our club, but the first one to receive the Black Belt having started as a white belt with the club.
Grading took place at Windsor on Sunday 27th Nov 2005. The course conducted by Sensei Masao Kawasoe was attended by Karate students from all over England.

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New Year batch - Free trial

If you are interested in trying out Karate for Self Defence, feel free to drop in for a free session.
Total beginners or anyone with some experience of any martial arts is welcome to join any time.